Flower Bouquet Farming

lower gardening business in Nigeria is one of the coolest business you can start today and make cool cash all year round. According to experts in the business, flower gardening is a lucrative business in Nigeria which requires little or nothing as startup capital. However, you must have passion for the business in other to make profit out of it. Flower gardening and floral arrangements is a business that have been yielding billions of dollars for smart entrepreneurs in developed countries in Europe, America, and Asia, and Nigeria is beginning to wake up to the potential.

The art of flower gardening requires plenty of patience, care and a desire to nurture and grow a flower. A simple flower pot is sold for N2,000 in Ikeja depending on the flower specie, while a flower bouquet goes from N15K and above. And the process is simple. Plant and grow, sell, plant and re-grow. 20 bouquets sold in a month is a sure N300K+ without much hassle.