Our Products

Challenges facing Nigeria is to eradicate poverty and attain food security, agricultural competitiveness, and the sustainable management of the environment through accelerated commercialization and investment in Nigeria’s agriculture. The approach is to rely on market-oriented agriculture that relies primarily on the private sector for the needed investment and commercialization of agriculture". (IITA). The goal of our company - Green Nation and Value Chain Services Ltd is to provide solutions to two major challenges facing Farming in Nigeria: Accurate Knowledge, and Finance. Our product is the provision of Educational packages, on hand Training, Exposure to real farms around the country and abroad to mobilise a large number of our people to pursue careers in Farming, and in the building of Agric value chain factories in Nigeria.

It is important to mention that this will impact increased application of agricultural technology, creation of businesses and jobs, and improvement in the quality of rural life. Presently, we have chosen to focus on the following agricultural products and their value chains. We would expand to other products as we grow.

Here is our Training Schedule

Level 1: 1 day training on Cassava, or Ginger, or Flower.

Stage 2: 5 days training locally in a Consultant Facility.

Stage 3: 1 International Training and Exibitions

Stage 4: 2 International Travels yearly