An Investment Opportunity For Everyone.

We have created an investment opportunity for all people who are not interested in marketing or who are engaged with other things that they do not have time for personal farming. Opportunities are available in our Cluster Farming program for customers.

With a sign-up fee of N5,000, a customer can benefit from our Cluster Farming Project. A customer investment portfolio starts with a minimum of N100,000 up to unlimited amount that a customer can afford. The customer earns 23% on their investment every quarter of the year.

All participants in our Shared Revenue program are customers, and have mandatory 10% of their monthly incomes invested into the Cluster Farming program. This is a one year mandatory investment program for all Independent Project Managers.

You may also recruit a customer, and earn 2% of their portfolio quarterly income. You will also earn 1% on a second level customer portfolio income quarterly. Opportunity also exist with our customers to participate in our Training Program. Our training . Cost of Training changes from time to time.