“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” -Isaac Newton
Steve Toluwase

Steve Toluwase


GREEN NATION'S Founder & CEO, Steve O. Toluwase brings with him a huge history of success, leadership and field experience in the Network Marketing industry.

He has gained wisdom from 17 years of working with Company owners, CEOs, global top earners, mentors and hundreds of thousands of independent distributors.

As a regular top earner in about four global MLM companies, he understands what motivates MLM leaders to perform. More importantly, he has seen the average networker struggle to make a surviving income to keep him focused in the company and with the product he loves.

Recently, he began to be concerned about the volatility of the business of network marketing that jeopardies the residual income of hard working leaders in the industry.

Green Nation is a vision to help people create other businesses outside their regular MLM pursuit so that they will truly have enduring wealth. Enough of being rich this year but broke the next.

It is time to create sustainable legacy out of your MLM business. A valid solution has been found in farming and raising agro-allied factories. "Green Nation is my legacy; a giving back to the industry that has given me and my family the luxury and lifestyle that we have enjoyed. It is time to create generational wealth for all people in our noble industry of Network Marketing"

I am excited to welcome you on board of this amazing flight.

Let’s do it again, better, bigger and enduring.