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Everything you need to know about our Company

Our company.

With the world market in view, Green Nations and Value Chain Services Ltd, brings fresh, innovative solutions to Agriculture, Agribusiness, and the food sector in Africa. A privately owned company, launched in Aprii, 2017, Green Nations is opened to individuals, companies, and Institutions committed to or interested in farming and food production. Since April, 2017 and so far we have trained and financially empowered over 10,000 persons in different areas of agriculture, ranging from Livestock farming, Open field and Green house farming; fish farming; agro production, processing and export business. Greennation is currently engaging and collaborating with several Institutions within and outside the shores of our Country for human development and optimum exploration of available opportunities.

As an open Network and a professional voice of Agriculture, agricbusiness and the food sector, we want to increase professional knowledge and ensure a broad based transfer of technology and know-how, and set agenda for quality standards in Africa.

We invite you to become a member of our community, and access our Training plans. We pay our marketing consultants commissions so good to help them start their own farms, agribusiness, or food production outfits. Our marketing compensation plan has changed lives and given people back their destiny. This is the edge that our company have over many other Agriculture Training Institutions around the world.

With the aim of working together, we created a Cluster Agribusiness plan that is massively helping people combine resources to achieve result on a large scale. Be a part of this now.

Why choose Us.

Green Nation is actively pioneering a unique solution to agricultural challenges in our country - Nigeria.

This approach will engage massive participation in farming and agro-allied businesses. There are two major challenges confronting the everyday start-up farmer: adequate knowledge in their chosen field of farming, and the financial muscle needed to start and sustain their farms to profitable enterprises.

Our Platform.

We have created this platform to recruit and connect people, educate and train them to pursue farming, and agro-allied businesses professionally. We would also expose our community to hands on farming, agriculture trade fairs and seminars, locally and internationally.

Importantly, our platform is designed to provide predictable financial support for farm and or factory projects of participants through a revenue sharing and Revenue Sharing Program. It is time to make our country great again through agriculture and its value chain factories.

Our Program.

The program has been designed with a lot of local knowledge of how people in this nation prefer the online network business designed. A lot of stages have been made automated to remove the cumbersome management of previous programs.

We want you to achieve your goals with speed and accuracy, that is why the compensation plan is cute, smart, lucrative, and achievable. No smokes and mirrors.

Happy Farming.